Choosing a great corporate uniform for your real estate agency

Real estate agents need to project an impression of trustworthiness and professionalism as they are being trusted with one of their clients most valued possessions. Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing a corporate uniform for your real estate agency.


Property managers often need to get in and out of cars all day and need to be able to get into any position to inspection items above and below eye level. Ideally, a uniform should be well tailored but still have some stretch so that people can move comfortably throughout the day.

Be sure to choose a range of corporate wear with a large range of sizes as well, so that petite or plus sized staff can also find clothing that fits them well and is comfortable as they move through their day. That way they'll be able to confidently extolls the virtues of the property they are selling or pitch to a new client confident that they look as good as they feel.

Mixing and matching

You might find that sales staff like to maintain a slightly more formal appearance than property managers or office admin staff. By setting a corporate uniform with a range of options including polo shirts, slacks, and suits you can have all your staff in uniforms that match while suiting their job. Each staff member can mix and match to suit their role and the tasks that they'll be doing each day.

Try using the colours of your logo as a starting point to creating a range of uniforms for your staff.

Professional appearance

By setting a corporate uniform you can ensure that your staff meets a minimum standard of appearance and create a professional front for your business. This can be useful for staff as they can spend less time planning their clothing choices and needing to buy separate work uniforms and dedicate more time and energy to your company.

A corporate uniform also sells the professionalism of your organization as a whole, so that when your agents are out and about in the community they are continually advertising the high standards of your agency. When agents wear their own business clothing they do not reflect the agency in the same way as they are not clearly recognisable as being a staff member.

If you are planning a revamp of the corporate uniform for your real estate agency, contact a corporate wear supplier to discuss your options. 

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