Spray Tan Tips Before and After

A spray tan involves a person being sprayed with a mist solution to create a layer of bronzed colour. A full body spray tan takes approximately 20 minutes to apply. This layer of colour generally remains on the skin for 4 to 5 days, before it begins to fade and rub off.

There are a few hints and tips to follow before and after having a spray tan.

Avoid make-up, perfume and lotions 

Some perfumes can penetrate into the skin which will interfere with the tanning solution, so it should be avoided. As well as this, do not use deodorant, moisturiser, or put on any make-up on the day of your tanning appointment. Certain deodorants can make the tanning solution turn green.

Exfoliate thoroughly

Before having a spray tan you should prepare your skin by thoroughly exfoliating. Dead skin cells should be removed to ensure that the skin is a smooth canvas for the spray tan which will prevent a blotchy tan.

Do not shave or wax after a spray tan

If you wish to wax or shave your body hair, do so before you have a spray tan. If you shave or wax during the days after your spray tan, the tan will be removed and you will be left with obvious patches. It is necessary to wait at least 5 days after your spray tan before shaving or waxing.

Do not exercise after a spray tan

It is advised to avoid exercise straight after a spray tan until the tan has developed and you have had your first shower. Sweat can make the solution run which will cause streaks and patches on the skin. Swimming for long periods of time should also be avoided, as your tan will fade quickly.

Do not wear tight clothing

Do not wear tight clothing such as underwear, socks, tight tops and tight jeans for at least 24 hours after your spray tan as the tan may rub off on the clothing, which will remove the colour from your skin.

Shower at the correct time

Different spray tan solutions have different development times. Your therapist will advise you of the time frame that you need to wait before having a shower. However, when you do have your first shower try to be as quick as possible and avoid using lots of soap.

Pat dry, do not rub

When you get out of the shower, pat dry, do not rub as this will remove the tan from the skin. The tan is more susceptible to coming off when the skin is wet, so be very careful.


Once you have had your tan it is important to moisturise frequently to maintain your tan for as long as possible. Your tan will be removed more quickly if dead skin cells are shed, so it is important to keep the skin moisturised. Moisturise at least twice a day to keep your tan at its best.

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