Must-Have Salon Furniture And Equipment For The Professional Salonist

Failing to invest in the right type of furniture and equipment for your salon will eventually lead to loss of clients. Customer care matters a lot to customers and one sure way of offering them the best care is using the right equipment and furniture. Below are key items you should have and reasons why you need them. 

The Salon Sterilizer

Infection control is very important at the salon. If one of your clients happened to contract an infection from the salon, it would cost you probably a number of clients and your license. A salon sterilizer is very effective in controlling the spread of infections and eliminating pathogens and common salon-prone infections such as athlete's foot.

Different sterilizing equipment use different technologies to disinfect and kill pathogens. A good example of sterilizers that are good for salons is the dry heat sterilizer model. Dry heat technology will leave your salon tools dry after the cleaning process. Therefore, it is suitable for cleaning all tools, even the metallic salon items such as metallic clippers and tweezers, as they are less likely to rust.

Salon Trolleys

It's unsightly for your clients to have a dozen salon equipment's placed in front of them and blocking their view on the mirror in front of them. Your clients will want to see how the styling or any other service is being carried out. To avoid such embarrassments, invest in durable trolleys for use in the salon.

When choosing your trolley, you can go for one with metallic frames. A trolley with metal frames is usually more durable and strong than one made of plastic only. Also, it's critical you get a trolley with wheels and a work top. The wheels will make movement easy as you cater for your clients, whereas the worktop area at the top of the trolley will serve as an extra worktop in your salon.

Kids Furniture

Salon chairs meant for adults are very strenuous for kids and can lead to strained neck muscles and back. It's, therefore, important you invest in salon furniture designed for kids. Also, doing this will build your clientele as it portrays professionalism and concern for your customers' well-being despite their age.  

You should first buy the most critical kids furniture, particularly for the services you're offering or plan to start offering. You may also create a kid's section that is separate from the adults' area. Doing this will allow you to color the section in kid-friendly colors. You can also have cartoons drawn on the walls to make the view interesting and appealing to your young clients.

Take your salon to the next level and grow your brand name by offering services to your customers in the best way possible.

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