3 Essential Oils That Combat Anxiety

Anxiety can be a truly debilitating condition. Many people can feel that the only way out is to start on a course of anti-anxiety medication. Of course, a problem with this is that you can become dependent on drugs in order to function in a normal way. Before resorting to medication, it can be a great idea to investigate some homeopathic solutions in order to calm you down when you are at your most anxious.

Aromatherapy oils are something that can relax the body and quiet the mind, but some are more successful than others when it comes to treating anxiety. Here are the essential oils that you should be looking out for.

Sweet Orange Oil. All citrus scents have uplifting and energy-giving properties, ideal for when you find yourself in a slump, but sweet orange oil has particularly rejuvenating effects. Sweet orange oil is cold-pressed directly from the rind of an orange so you can feel confident that you are using something 100% natural when you choose sweet orange oil. This oil has long been used by aromatherapists as a tranquilizer, and now science is also supporting some of the claims that sweet orange oil can have a relaxing effect when inhaled.

Lavender. For some people, anxiety can be such a problem that it's impossible to shut their minds down at the end of the day and relax into a restorative night of deep sleep. If that sounds like you, lavender aromatherapy oil could be just what you need. Amazingly, studies have shown that lavender can be just as effective in treating anxiety as the drug lorazepam. And it's not only feelings of nervousness that lavender can help out with but also insomnia so that your anxiety doesn't have to keep you tossing and turning at night.

Ylang Ylang. Ylang ylang has a very sweet, floral scent, and it's perfect for a pick me up. In fact, ylang ylang can even inspire euphoria in some people, making it a wonderful tool for combatting all kinds of nervous conditions, including panic, shock, chronic anxiety, and palpitations.

All of these aromatherapy scents are easy to incorporate into your everyday life. Of course, you can request that your massage therapist uses these particular oils. You can also place a few drops into a hot bowl of water and inhale the steam a couple of hours before going to bed. And if work anxiety is your problem, dab the oil on your wrist, and take in the scent whenever you are in need. 

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