Eyebrow Tinting | 4 Precautionary Actions To Properly Care For Your Recently Tinted Eyebrows

After you undertake eyebrow tinting, you naturally need to take good care to ensure that no skin irritation and rashes occur from the procedure. You'll also want to ensure that eyebrow tinting lasts for as long as possible without fading before time, so follow these precautionary actions to properly care for your recently tinted eyebrows.  

Avoid Directly Touching The Tinted Area

After your eyebrow tinting procedure, avoid directly touching the area for at least a few hours because you could end up causing the tint to prematurely fade. Although most of the product from the eyebrow tinting procedure will be removed from your eyebrows, keep in mind that a little residue may remain. By touching the area, you not only risk fading it, but you also risk spreading the tinting chemical to other spots around your eyebrow.

Avoid Applying Makeup Directly After Your Treatment

After your eyebrow or eyelash tinting appointment, avoid applying any makeup directly to the area. Any makeup applied to the area will cause the tint to lighten quicker and will render the procedure useless. Once you are able to apply makeup, stay away from oil-based makeup removers because the chemicals present in them can also trigger premature tint fading.

Apply Cold Packs Or Cooling Sprays To Prevent Swelling And Irritation

It may be natural to experience minor swelling or irritation just after the eyebrow tinting procedure. To bring it under control, you can use a cold pack or cooling spray. Your swelling and irritation should disappear once you apply cold packs a few times to the area. You can also apply a calming antiseptic cream to soothe redness and soreness. If the irritation continues for a persistent amount of time, it may be a good idea to contact a medical professional to avoid any major complications.

Avoid Direct Sunlight As Much As Possible To Prevent Fading

Direct sunlight is harmful to your skin in any circumstance without sunblock because the UV rays can cause premature ageing and spots to form on your skin. But sunrays directly after your eyebrow tinting procedure will cause it to fade quicker than you anticipated. If you have no choice, use a hat or umbrella to protect your face from the sun for the interim period to protect the tint shade. Stay away from tanning and swimming for the next few days after your eyebrow tinting procedure to prevent fading.

Follow these precautionary aftercare actions after you just complete your eyebrow tinting procedure.  

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