Hairdressing Supplies | A Salon Stylist's 3-Point Guide To Choose The Perfect Pair Of Thinning Shears

Hairdressing supplies like thinning shears are usually used in hairstyling salons. But you'll obviously want to choose right one to distinguish yourself from others, especially if you're looking to carve a special niche for yourself in a highly competitive industry. Arm yourself with this guide to choose the perfect pair of thinning shears for your haircutting salon... And laugh your way to the bank!  

Choose Material Based On Your Desired Sharpness

The sharper the blade, the more control you will have over your hair cut. High-quality stainless steel provides more sharpness than materials like aluminium. Stainless steel is also corrosion-resistant, which means that it can potentially last you for a long time. Stainless steel sheers infused with cobalt in the blades adds to the sharpness. Titanium and bronze coatings are also good options when you're looking for sharp thinning shears. Ice-tempered stainless steel blades also add sharpness. If you're more budget conscious, then aluminium sheers with carbon or manganese infused in the blades can increase sharpness. Ultimately, the material you choose for hairdressing supplies like thinning shears will depend on your comfort level, so hold everyone in your hand before making a decision.

Establish The Amount Of Teeth You Require Based On Hair Type

Thinning sheers with close, fine teeth are best used for creating soft textures and layers on thinner hair, while wide-set teeth are best for thick or curly hair because they make it more manageable. Thick shears work best for removing bulk curls from hair, allowing you to style thicker hair better. Since shears with fewer teeth are best for removing large portions of hair, you'll want to add it to your repertoire for curly-haired customers. But you'll also want to choose close teeth sheers to cater to your customers with finer hair. Avoid using only one pair of thinning shears on all hair types because you won't get the right texture and finish for everyone and you may end up losing customers.

Make Sure Your Shears Are Flexible

When working with thinning sheers, rigidity could make it difficult for you to use them for too long. So, you'll obviously want the pair to be flexible. For instance, thinning shears with adjustable tension screws allows you to change the resistance levels produced by the blades, giving you more control on the cut. Some thinning shears are designed to suit right or left handed people, so you can choose something based on your dominant hand cutting comfort.

Follow these clever considerations when choosing the perfect pair of thinning shears as part of your salon's hairdressing supplies.

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