Beauty Therapy Courses for the New Student

If you're considering a career as a stylist or in any field of health and beauty, you'll want to start out with the right beauty therapy courses. Not only are these legally required for you to work in many fields of health and beauty, but they can also open the door to entirely new fields you had not considered, beyond just cutting and styling hair. Note a few beauty therapy courses you might want to consider if you're a new student, just starting to shop for classes for your new career venture.

Hair reduction

Hair reduction and removal involves more than just waxing these days. Today, you might want to learn about pulsed light or laser hair removal; these are more permanent and less painful than waxing, and are often preferred by clients over other methods of hair reduction and removal.


In high-end spas, aromatherapy is often offered to relax and soothe clients. You can learn how to mix essential oils and how to create different aromas for relaxation, energy, and other settings that clients are seeking.


Many clients who visit spas want to learn about weight loss and about how to care for themselves physically when it comes to nutrition and their overall diet. Simply telling them to "eat better" isn't enough, as each client's nutritional needs will be different and they will need more details than just a generic menu to take home with them. Studying nutrition can mean offering the best advice for them and being able to consider a career in a weight loss center rather than just a spa alone.


The software used by salons often includes allowing customers to schedule their own appointments online and receive reminders, as well as other features you don't normally see at a standard retail cash register. A quick course in these programs can ensure you're ready to start at any salon, or know how to successfully manage your own software programs if you should start your own business.

How to sell

Even if you don't plan on owning your own spa or hair care center, being able to sell product to customers can be of benefit; in many salons, the stylists get a percentage of the sales price for product they sell to customers. However, this isn't always as easy as simply offering the product to your customers, as you need to know how to emphasize its value to them. Taking a course on how to sell hair care and skincare products can mean increasing your income in virtually any setting.

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